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Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making

Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making
Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making

Large Image :  Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: QIXING
Certification: CE
Model Number: QX-9083
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1SET
Delivery Time: 30-60 DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100SETS/YEAR
Detailed Product Description
Features: Multi Layer Co Extrusion, Complete In One Step Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year COLOR: Can Be Customized
Voltage: AC380V 50/60HZ 3 PHASE, Customization Driven Type: Electric, Pneumatic Or Servo Motor
Port: Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port After-sales Service Provided: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas, Video Technical Support, Online Support
Product Name: Plant Fibre Biodegradable Tableware Machine Advantage: Cut Costs, Increase Productivity
Adapt Material: Adapt Multi-Material, PP, PS, PE, EVOH, PLA, PBAT, Plant Straw, Rice Husk, Rice Bran, Bamboo Powder, Starch And Other Compostable Plant Fiber. Screw: Three Screw Extruder
High Light:

sugarcane bagasse cup making machine


bagasse cup making machine


plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine

Plant Fibre Biodegradable Tableware Machine

Environmental Friendly Plant Fibre Product Making Machine Biodegradable Tableware Machine Disposable Food Packaging Container Machine


Our entire range of machines includes four machines:


1. Sheet Extruder

2. Blister Machine

3. Punching and Cutting Machine

4. Crusher Crushing Machine (for recycling scrap edge into raw material granules)


We are among the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a wide range of Sheet extrusion and blister forming Integrated all in one machine that is highly appreciated for being reliable and compact. This fully automatic production line is for producing food boxes, trays, bowls, plates and so on. / This fully automatic production line produces food boxes, trays, bowls, plates, etc.


Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making 0

Easy lift angle
Easy to open and close, easy to use
Stronger sealing


Buckle cover tightly
Good sealing, not easy to leak
Better freshness


Reinforced chassis
Plus fixed type, strong pressure resistance
Not easily deformed

Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making 1


Automatic Sheet Extrusion and blister forming All in one Integrated machine Production Line

Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making 2


Schematic Diagram of the Process Flow of Sheet Extrusion and Blister Forming All in One Machine

Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making 3


Mechanical structure diagram

Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making 4

Sheet Extruder


First, prepare the raw material granules needed to make the product.

Granules are then melted and thoroughly mixed in the extruder part of the machine. Then, it comes out of the extruder outlet valve in the form of a paste-like sheet due to high pressure and high temperature. The dough taken out from the colander part of the machine is pressed between the colander rollers and adjusted to the specified thickness. The obtained roll is hardened and the width of the sheet is determined based on the relevant tableware required sheet. The produced roll enters the “roll collector” part of the machine. Finally, the output sheet of the conveyor part is collected as a roll on special rods.

Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making 5


Blister Machine


Blister machine is also called thermoforming machine, Vacuum forming machine. It is a machine that sucks thermoplastic plastic or Bio-based degradable environmentally friendly materials rolls such as PP, PS, PE, EVOH, PBAT, PLA, etc., into various shapes of food containers packaging boxes, bowls, plates, trays and other products.

Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making 6


Product Track


Conveyor rails on the blister machine, including racks, chains, gears, support rods, limit rods, auxiliary rods, motors, etc.

Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making 7

Punching and Cutting Machine


The punching machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that, after the raw materials are installed, driven by the power mechanism, the punching die acts on the material to complete the punching. The punching machine can perform operations such as sheet processing, stamping, molding, embossing, etc. to force the metal into the mold.


The cutting machine is used for the division and cutting of sheets in all walks of life, it does not need any mold; it is controlled by the system software, and then directly cuts the product, as long as the corresponding parameters are set on the operating platform, the computer The corresponding instructions are transmitted to the cutting machine; the cutting machine will quickly cut according to the accepted design drawings, with high automation procedures and simple operation. It is also the cutting equipment used in our Integrated all-in-one sheet extrusion and blister forming machines.

Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making 8


Crusher Crushing Machine (for recycling scrap edge into raw material granules)

Plate Biodegradable Tableware Machine Sugarcane Bagasse Cup Making 9

The extra sheets obtained from the Blister thermoforming machines enter the crushing recycling machine also called the smash recycle machine grinder or grinding machine at the end of the biodegradable tableware production line. All the remaining sheets are grind and later enter the mixing room. After mixing and pulverizing, the grinded sheets are mixed with corn starch and other additives and again enter the granule making machine, which is the start of a biodegradable tableware production line. As it is clear from this description, the waste of producing biodegradable tableware is zero. Therefore, all raw materials are used in the line by different types of biodegradable machinery.


Product Advantages
Cut costs Sheet extrusion and blister forming all in one integrated machine, that can produce products directly from raw material pellets (including leftover materials, fillers, etc.), with one step in place to complete the extrusion sheet and plastic molding all the processing processes, which may be the equipment with the least investment, the lowest production cost and the highest production efficiency.
Increase productivity Our fully automatic production line Integrates extrusion, forming, cutting, stacking and counting, which can bring you more productivity.
Low Machinery Investment Each line comes with all associated equipment that clients need to produce products: sheet extruding machine, forming machine, automatic punching machine and cutting machine, one set of customized mold and punching knife.
Low Energy Consumption The sheet extruding machine produces sheets directly for product forming and punching. one-time heating only, No secondary heating requires, saves power.
Adapt Multi-Material PP, PS, PE, EVOH, PLA, PBAT, plant straw, rice husk, rice bran, bamboo powder, starch and other compostable plant fiber.
Multi-Application By changing mold, the machine line is able to produce takeaway boxes, fast food boxes, burger boxes, cake box, bread box, sandwich box, various food containers, clamshell boxes, takeout boxes, fruit and vegetable packaging boxes, supermarket food tray, bowl, plates, etc. All molds can be customized according to the client's needs.
Wide range of applications This machine is particularly advantageous for food lunch box products, and can also be widely used in the production of food, electronics, toys, hardware and other packaging products, as well as the inner tray of industrial packaging products.
Durable and Reliable The machine line is able to be running 24 hours without problem, Only Requires basic maintenance.
No material wastage Side material can be smashed and re-mixed to be used again. There is no material wastage, no gas pollution, and no water pollution during the production process.
High Automation and Easy Operation Two workers are able to operate the full line each shift. One worker for packing and one for side material re-usage, saves labor costs.
Save money The machine reduces investment by about 50%, saving 30% of electricity, improving efficiency by 30%, reducing labor intensity, and enhancing economic benefits.


Scope Of Application


Our machines are suitable for the following materials :

1. Thermoplastics: PP, PS, PE, EVOH, etc.

2. Thermoplastic biodegradable plastics: PBAT and PLA, etc.

3. Bio-based degradable environmentally friendly materials, fully biodegradable plant fiber materials: grain fiber, corn starch, plant straw, rice husk, rice bran, bamboo powder, wood powder, bagasse, etc.

4. Bio-based composite materials, biodegradable plant fiber blend materials: talcum powder, calcium carbonate, etc.

5. Multilayered materials, Mineral-filled materials.


Our machines are not suitable for the following materials : PET, PVC, ABS


Three / triple Screw One Step Extrusion Blister Forming Integrated Machine Configuration

Accessories Quantity Note
ф90/90/65/ three / triple screw extruder one Four-layer co-extrusion ABCA
1250 high speed chain forming machine one Form in 0.2 seconds
1250 pneumatic forward/recoil punch one Sent pieces with the servo.
Can be replaced by a servo punch or automatic counting automatic stacking low noise electric punch.
Cast aluminum mold one You can change that for CNC carved aluminum mold
Press cutter one Hardware mold


The Main Parameters of QH-90/90/65
Max output per hour 315-375kg Electric consumption per hour 55-60KW
Maximum molding area 850MM*300MM Production speed 45-60 mode/min
Maximum molding depth 80MM-120MM Operator needed  2
Vacuum forming speed 0.2 seconds Dimension of the product Length:12.5-15M, Width:2M
Product thickness range 0.2MM-0.9MM Whole weight of the product 6.8 ton


The Main Parameters of QX90/90/65 Three Screw Automatic Production Line
Machine type accessories type brand note
Extruder Mold 1200MM Ogilvy  
Layered device page-swinging ABCA Ogilvy  
90 Net changer *2 Type 120 Ogilvy Hydraulic net changing
65 Net changer Type 100 Ogilvy Hydraulic net changing
90 Gear box Type 200 Fen jin  
65 Gear box Type 173 Fen jin  
The 90 screw *2 90*3000 Jing Zheng  
The 65 screw 65*2100 Jing Zheng  
The 90 motor *2 30KW Zhe jiang Great speed  
The 65 motor 11KW Zhe jiang Great speed  
The 90 inverter *2 30KW Wei Chuang  
The 65 inverter 11KW Wei Chuang  
Temperature controlled circuit breaker Solid state relay Meg 90A  
contactor   Zheng Tai  
Heating coil Infrared ray    
Hydraulic station Three way manual valve    
Molding machine high speed forming machine 850MM Form in 0.2 seconds vacuum pump included
Automatic punching machine pneumatic forward/recoil punch 850MM   sent pieces with the servo
Mould One set Along with the sample    
Toolkit One set      
Wearing parts One set      


Auxiliary Equipment (Optional, Available for Purchase on Behalf Of)


High Collocation Fully Automatic Feeding Machine
Machine type quantity Note
700CM Pulverizer 1 You can buy it yourself from the local factory, if you don’t need fully automatic material feeding machines, three mixing pots and one pulverizer machine are enough, if you have these machines in your factory you can spare the money.
One ton stand mixer 1
0.5 ton stand mixer 1
3.5M fully automatic material feeding machine 2
mixing pot 1




1. Professional Team

Professional service can recommend suitable products for you.

Factory direct sales can provide optional parameter customization.


2. Quality assurance

Our company has its own research&development and production base, the products have been seriously inspection the process department to control the quality before they leave the factory, ensure you receive a good quality machine.


3. Quick shipment

Whether you have your own freight forwarder or want us to organize the shipment, our purchasing department and the logistics department can do their best for you. We will provide the best transportation arrangement, according to your plan, to maximize your efficiency.


4. Shopping Guarantee

We have a professional service team, we can give you useful advice and the best packing solution. We 24 hours online service, and strive for an immediate response, to provide you with a wonderful procurement experience.

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